It can be quite a challenge to clean suede shoes. Of course, you do not want to ruin its velvety, smooth and soft surface. It is more prone to damage from water spots and stains than other show materials.

Indeed, cleaning suede shoes can be a daunting task, but it is not possible, especially if you have the right guide that will assist you during the process. Here are some simple and easy yet efficient ways of cleaning your delicate suede shoes without cutting short its longevity or damaging the material.

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Just Use a Simple Toothbrush

You cannot really wash suede the way you wash your regular shoe materials, so it can look frayed or old after some time. In order to solve this problem, you can use a toothbrush to gently brush your suede shoes in the fiber’s opposite direction. This can help make the material look new and fresh.

Use the brush to eliminate the dust and dirt that has collected on your shoes. It can also remove the scuff marks. If the shoes are muddy, let the mud to dry before you brush it off. Make sure to brush in a very gentle way to avoid damaging or tearing the material.

Use a Protector Spray for Suede Materials

You can purchase a suede protector spray at any local leather stores or any place that sells suede. This spray protector protects the suede from water and some other elements that might damage or stain your suede shoes. When using a suede spray protector in cleaning your shoes, make sure not to soak it in any area and let it dry. Just use the spray protector at least once a year to keep your suede shoes in top condition.

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A Pencil Eraser Works

Who says that pencil erasers can only be used to remove your mistakes on paper? Erasers are also proven effective to get rid of any scratches and surface stains. Rub the affected area using a pencil eraser and see the stain or scratch disappear.

When using an eraser, make sure not to use a pink pencil eraser, as it can transfer the pink dye onto your shoes. Use a brown gum, white or colorless eraser instead. Avoid the use of a chemical stain remover, as it could create more damage to your suede shoes.

Have your Suede Shoes Expertly Cleaned

Although it is possible to clean your suede shoes at home, your favorite items should be professionally cleaned, especially if it seems that the stain or damage is beyond your ability to fix the problem. Suede material can be quite problematic and the wrong way of cleaning can leave your shoes damaged entirely.

You can take your shoes to a cobbler who has the necessary supplies and skills to tackle even the toughest stains. This may be an expensive option, but turning to a professional is sometimes the most effective and the safest way to take care of your suede shoes.

However, for basic clean and care, follow the above steps to restore the beauty and the softness of your suede shoes.

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