Windproof lighter is very essential accessory you should never leave behind whenever you are going to places where the attitude is high or is very cold or windy, or if it is simply during winter. It comes in handy in helping you light different things, among them cigarettes, the fireplace, lamps, etc. you can also use it as a defense tool against hostile animals you may encounter while you adventure, as in the case of mountain hiking or climbing. It is again very useful for night boaters and fishers, for there is no amount of breeze or wind can stop this lighter from its function. Now, that there are multiple models on the market, this article singles out the top 10 best windproof lighters in 2016 reviews, to help you understand the best quality models to buy, in case you require one today.

10. Windproof Butane Gas Jet Lighter Torch


This is a high quality brand new refillable butane gas lighter withstands the wind, excellently. It features a large ignition button that opens a safety cover and ignites the torch. It provides an adjustable jet torch flame, and it is easy to refill with ordinary butane fuel. It is made of durable plastic and metal, and comes in several colors—yellow, red, green, brown, and blue.

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9. Tiger Compact Windproof Butane Cigarette-Torch Lighter 61*347


For different color tastes, this high quality windproof lighter comes in gold or gray. It features an auto piezo electric ignition, an adjustable flame, and butane pressure. It is made of high quality stainless steel body, measuring 3.75 by 1.13 inches. It comes backed by a 5 years warranty. The color of the unit is randomly selected when shipping.

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8. Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter


This is another best quality windproof lighter that is from Ultimate Survival Technologies. It adds a tough elastomer armor which bears the qualities you’d admire, and provides awesome impact resistance. The Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter features a stainless steel wire closure that makes it stay watertight, even when it drops. It is small and compact at 2.6 by 2 by 9 inches, weighing 2 oz and with a 1 gram fuel capacity. However, you can use quadruple refined lighter fluid for the best results.

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7. Windproof Triple Jet Flame Torch-Cigar Lighter in Assorted Color Smoke Mart


This torch cigar windproof lighter utilizes butane and can reach temperatures so hot as to melt nickels and pennies very easily. The torch flame is adjustable and features a flame lock for maintaining the burn. This lighter comes in 5 different colors. Further, this lighter features an auto piezo-electric ignition, making it easy and safe to use. It also comes with a keychain.

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6. GStar® TorchZilla Series Wind-proof Jet Flames


Gstar TorchZilla series of pocket windproof torch lighters can provide an effective, crisp-blue hot torch flame, which is ideal for lighting cigars, fireworks, as well as a great addition to your handy toolbox. Use this model for melting small brazing rods, glass tubing, melting plus fusing plastic items, plus a lot more. The lighter is water and wind resistant, making it great choice for fishing, hunting, camping, and virtually any outdoors.

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5. Zippo Retro Ebony Windproof Lighter


The saying that “everything old is new again” holds with this high quality Zippo windproof lighter model. It features an elegant deep-black ebony finish that is engraved with a great packaging art from the 40’s, by use of a multi-level engraving skill to bring out a 2-tone image. It is easily refillable with the Zippo premium lighter fluid to provide reliable and durable service. A unique bottom stamp identifies this model as a true Zippo. It comes packaged in an individual gift box and with Zippo lifetime guarantee.

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4. Zippo Venetian High Polish Chrome Windproof Lighter


The always satisfying world renowned Zippo Click is among the more unique sounds you will enjoy, and this distinctive lighter brings you that with a highly gorgeous high polish chrome finish. It has been a Zippo’s top seller for three decades and more, a model that further features an intricate Venetian inlay, and can comfortably fit into a collector’s case as well as in your pocket for day to day use. Like other zippo lighters, it has a sturdy construction and also a windproof flame.

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3. Xikar Windproof Lighter


If you need perfect light in winter or breezy conditions, all you need is just push the single-action thumb button and this wind-proof lighter from Xikar will deliver a very powerful turbo flame of above 2,000 degrees-Fahrenheit. Even at very high attitudes, this lighter offer a reliable flame in one instant. It is a rugged lighter featuring rubberized armor, easy adjustment wheel, a black lanyard, fuel window, as well as a protective lid. It is perfect for climbing, golfing, boating, as well as other windy conditions. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and uses butane fuel.

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2. Zippo Matte Lighters


This windproof lighter has been tested and ensured to provide optimum durability, designed with the roughest and the toughest users in mind. It features a distinctive Zippo click, and is all metal construction—a windproof design that works almost anywhere you take bit. It is easily refillable, and its flints are replaceable, offering a lifetime of use. It’s made in the USA, and has a fit-it-free lifelong warranty. It uses genuine Zippo premium Lighter fluid.

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1. Zippo Keep Calm Lighter, Red Matte – One of the best windproof lighters So Far!

Best Windproof lighters

As a product of Zippo, an American icon for nearly eight decades (since World War II), this is a highly functional and collectible and the best among all they are Zippos. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning “it will work or we will fix it without charge.” It features one flint and wick that are already installed. Easily refillable for a lifetime of utility, while the flints and wicks and fluid can be replaced and are also sold separately.

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There is no single doubt that the above highlighted top 10 best windproof lighters in 2016 reviews are not only the models in the market. However, there is also no single doubt that the rest cannot beat these options reviewed above in terms of build quality, functionality, and style. To be safe and sure that you have the best windproof lighter that will not disappoint, choose yours from the above options.

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